SplitCanoe - The two piece cedar strip canoe - Photos
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Start of the lay up is a critical phase,as these strips form the base of the construction.I must get it right so that when bolted together the strips align, dark strips to dark strips, light to light.

About half way up,shows the stapleless construction.Also each strip was numbered when cut so that matching strips are layed side to side and end to end.

Nearing the end of strip lay up. As I near the final strips you can see the hull taking shape.

Ah!!! lay up complete and you can see the hull. Notice the alignment of the strips.

Start of the fiberglassing. this is the wetting out stage.You can see the beauty of the Western Red Cedar jump out at you.

This shows the joint in the center of canoe.

Splitting the canoe for the first time to remove it from the forms. The outside has been glassed and is now ready to start the inside.

Canoe attached to truck. Notice how it is flush with back of cab allowing for fifth wheel clearance.

In the water with no leaks!! Tracks well yet still responsive for the rivers.

Canoe on, Fifth Wheel hooked up, and we are ready to start our trip out West. We put the canoe in the water in S. Dakota and Wyoming.

My wife and I canoeing on Sylvan Lake in Custer State Park, South Dakota.

my new canoe under construction, made out of mahagony

this one is going to turn heads. mahagony hull with figured maple seats!!

heres the new one on the truck

another one of the split freedom 17-10 on the truck ready to put in the water.

my mahagany canoe that won the Traverse City Boats on the Boardwalk boat show 2013. took 1st. place for contemporary small craft.

winner at the T.C. boat show!!! turned a lot of heads in T.C. in aug of 2013