SplitCanoe - The two piece cedar strip canoe - Canoes
Canoe Construction

The two piece canoe is my own design. I steam bend ash strips and laminate them together to form the bands where the two halves join. I then router grooves in the bands to line up the two halves and bolts that hold them together. I do not use staples in the construction of my canoes. This helps me bring out the natural beauty of the wood without those unsightly holes. I use western red cedar for the strips, I will also use mahogany. I use ash that I steam bend and laminate to form the bands that join the two halves. The rest of the woodwork (seat frames, gunnels, decks, and bulkheads) can be made from a variety of woods to suit your taste. Some choices are ash, maple, black walnut, and mahogany. The seats are hand caned with a plastic caning to withstand the moisture that comes with canoeing. I use the West epoxy resin system for fiber glassing the hull. 4 coats of epoxy on the outside and two on the inside. This gives the inside a semi-non slip surface. I use 4 coats of a spar polyurethane on the inside and 8 coats on the outside, with all the woodwork getting a minimum of 4 coats.

Build time

People often want to know how long it takes for me to build one. Well i will not rush or try to set a deadline. this just encourages shoddy workmanship. I take my time with breaks here and there, but I can complete one in 6-8 months. This may seem like a long time but it is worth the wait when you see the end result.