SplitCanoe - The two piece cedar strip canoe - Welcome
Welcome to Carstens Canoes, and Woodcrafts.

I make two piece canoes
The new rigs out today are 12-13 feet tall, making it hard to take a canoe with you. With my split canoe I can carry the canoe on top of my truck while pulling my rig and not have the canoe sticking way out in front of the truck or interfering with the fifth wheel.

I enjoy the outdoors with a beautiful innovative cedar strip canoe. I use a rubber seal and a multi groove band bolted together to join the two halves. The canoe pictured has been out on the water for multiple hours and has not leaked a bit. It is light weight and easy to load and unload, and also easy to join together. It has hand caned seats, ash yoke, maple gunnels, and black walnut decks and bulkheads. The inner gunnels are scuppered and tapered.

Reason for a two piece canoe
Over the years we would go on trips with our 5th wheel and camp along side a beautiful lake or stream. We would sit and dream of being able to go canoeing on the lakes and streams, something that we couldn’t do because the 5th wheel was to high to be able to carry a canoe on top of it. So I decided to make a two piece canoe that I could carry the two halves side by side on top of my truck and still pull our 5th wheel. Now we can and do travel, camp, canoe, and enjoy the lakes and streams. No more sitting around wishing and dreaming. Not only can we now go canoeing and fishing while camping and traveling, we can do so in a beautiful hand crafted cedar strip canoe.